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Ok, ladies….I don’t know what happens to my hair when I enter Florida, but it gets a mind of its own! I am one of those girls that is lucky to just get my hair to what I can on any normal day.  Unfortunately, I never learned how to do fancy things with my hair like braids so I really struggled the first few times we traveled to Walt Disney World.  I would straighten it in the hotel, and the second I walked outside, it would start growing bigger and bigger!

On our first trip, we had been in Animal Kingdom for about an hour when Dan looked at me with big eyes and stated that we needed to get me a hat.  LOL! My hair would end up in a ponytail or hat on most days.  I have finally found my favorite hair solution! I have started making Disney inspired ears.  While I understand that not everyone is crafty or knows how to use a sewing machine, they really are super easy to make.  One of my next few blogs will provide step-by-step directions.

Now, I can fix my hair in the morning (use some hairspray) and put on my ears.  These little beauties manage to control the crazy!

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