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Do you ever look at those adorable Disney-Inspired Ears online and think “I wish I could make those?”  I did too until I finally decided that I would never know I could do it if I didn’t try! Today, I am providing you with the step-by-step guide (including pictures) of how to make your own Disney-Inspired Ears at a fraction of the cost that you can buy them online.  Let’s get into it!

Disney-Inspired Ears, Step-by-Step:

Step One: Head to the fabric store

Either find the inspiration online or walk through your local fabric store to find the material and accessories you want for your ears. Don’t forget to also pick up 1/4″ foam sheet, poly-fill, thread for your sewing machine, headbands (you might need to purchase these from Wal-Mart), glue gun, and glue sticks.

Step Two: Use the outlines to cut your fabric and foam

Use these outlines to help you cut out your fabric and foam: DIY Disney Ear Outline.  You will need two foam cutouts and four fabric cutouts (2 for the front and 2 for the back).

Step Three: Preparing to sew

Place the front and back pieces of fabric together with the outside of the fabric on the inside (meaning place the two sides of the fabric that you want to show together).  Then pin the sewing guidelines to each set of fabric cutouts.

Step Four: Sew them together

Use the sewing guidelines to sew right around the edge of the paper guide leaving the space at the bottom open.

Step 5: Turn the fabric inside out

Remove the sewing guideline and pins. Take each sewn fabric piece and turn them inside out through the section you left open.

Step 6: Insert foam

Take the foam cutouts and tightly roll them as shown below.

Then insert the rolled foam piece into the opening of the fabric (warning: this can be a little difficult and frustrating until you get the hang of it) and flatten it out.

Step Seven: Make the ears puffy

Put Poly-fill on either side of the foam cutouts to your desired puffiness.

Step Eight: Glue it all together

Using your glue gun, glue the opening closed.  Then glue your finished ears to the headband.

Step Nine: Accessorize

This is my favorite part, and it is when the ears start looking like what you have chosen to make! Since my example is Donald Duck Ears, I glued the sides of the fabric together and scrunched it in the middle to create a bow with added ribbon to incorporate all of the colors.

Step Ten: Enjoy!

Last but not least…..Enjoy your homemade Disney-Inspired Ears!  I would love to see your finished product! Please don’t hesitate to send me an email at if you need any help or advice while making your ears!

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