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All right ladies, planning a Disney destination vacation is overwhelming, especially when traveling to Walt Disney World.  So often, I hear someone say that they love planning and organizing but there is just “so much information” when it comes to planning that magical trip.  A travel agent that specializes in Disney vacations can save the day in these situations.  Here are the top 5 reasons to use one on your next Disney vacation:

  1. Entirely FREE! I don’t know anything better than this reason.  Someone helps you navigate everything about your vacation, and it isn’t going to cost you a penny?!?!? What’s the catch? There isn’t one.  This allows them to provide their services to you at the same cost as if you booked the vacation yourself!
  2. Considered experts in their field!  Most, if not all, travel agencies specializing in Disney vacations require that their agents have extensive travel experience to multiple Disney destinations prior to hiring them.  In addition, the agents graduate from the College of Disney Knowledge (best college courses I have ever taken).  Agents always must stay current in these courses.  Because of this, expect that your agent is an expert on most things Disney. Now, we all know that no matter what field you work in, we can’t know everything. The important thing is knowing where you can find the answers and these agents do.  The support that agents receive is unbelievable.  If a client stumps me with a question, I have a private Facebook group with my agency.  On top of all of this, any agent who specializes in Disney vacations began this journey because they are passionate (some say obsessed) with all things Disney! Who better to help you plan that magical trip?!?!?
  3. Never miss out on a promotion or potential discount! Agents who specialize in Disney destinations constantly watch the promotions released by Disney. Your agent applies these to your vacation if it is available, even after you book!  I always encourage my clients to book a vacation that they are comfortable with while I watch for the discounts.  When Disney releases promotions, a limited number of rooms are included in the discount. Sometimes, not all categories of rooms or resorts are included in these promotions.  Your agent will often look at other options for your travel party to see if you could save money by staying somewhere else.  One of the best feelings as an agent is calling your client to tell them their vacation is now $400 cheaper because of a promotion you applied!
  4. Itinerary planning! From advanced dining reservations to fast passes, tons of pieces go into planning your magical vacation.  You can count on your agent to do all of the research, discuss the best options for your travel party, and make all of the reservations.  This includes where to stay, where to dine, and where to play.  Your agent keeps track of all dates that things need to be done with your vacation.  For example, Advanced Dining Reservations are available at 180 days at Disney World and 60 days at Disneyland, fast passes can be booked at 60 days when you stay onsite but at 30 days when you stay offsite (WDW), final payments, personalizing magic bands, and online check-in.  Those “hard-to-get” reservations often require booking as soon as they are available, if you want a chance of doing them. This is another area where your agent can shine!  With that being said, if you want to have more control over the planning, your agent can be as involved or as hands-off as you desire.  I have clients that simply tell me a general budget and time of year they want to travel and want me to plan everything else. Then, I have clients who present very detailed plans and simply want me to help watch for promotions and deal with issues. 
  5. Available during your vacation for any issues! Let’s face it….no matter how well planned your vacation is, things always come up that need to be addressed.  Contact your agent, and they can call Disney to fix the problem or change the reservation for you.  Then, you simply continue your stress-free magic while someone else handles the issues.

Hopefully, this has convinced you of the huge value that a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations provides during your magical vacation planning.  We recommend Fantastical Vacations as our preferred vacation planner.

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Thanks for reading, and let me know what your favorite reason to use a travel agent specializing in Disney destinations!

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